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For two decades, I have been a working screenwriter, script doctor and hired gun for studio and independent film, having collaborated with some truly amazing artists. I am a member of the WGA and SAG. I pay dues and everything.

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A Random Act of Kindness

Optioned this original spec script to Sony. A Random Act of Kindness is currently in preproduction with Sony International. 


LOGLINE: Teague Westerberg is a corporate lawyer specializing in pharmaceutical disclaimers. She's not a big taker of risks. However -- on the eve of her 30th birthday, desperate for karmic change -- she offers a ride to a handsome stranded motorist, and finds herself dragged into the wildest, most dangerous 24 hours of her life.


Wrote, co-produced and starred in this original docudrama about futurism and the first-ever human re-animation from cryogenic suspension. Featuring real-life scientific heroes Dmitry Itskov, Dean Kaman, Dr. Aubrey DeGrey and Peter Diamandis. Earned laurels at the London International Film Festival, Snowdance Film Festival and Woodstock Film Festival. Released worldwide by Random Media, 2020.

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Wrote this original live-action/animated feature for Nickelodeon Movies. Originally sold as a pitch with a television spin off.

LOGLINE: 13-year-old Jaxon Ring doesn't believe in anything, especially himself. But when a beanstalk grows in his back yard, he climbs and discovers an animated fairytale world. Jaxon chops down the beanstalk (what would you do?) and traps all the fairytale creatures on Earth. With the future of mankind hanging in the balance, it's up to Jaxon to come up with a happily ever after.

Wouldn't It Be Nice

Wrote this original family comedy for Disney and the producers of “Bedtime Stories” and “Bad Santa 2”. Wouldn't It Be Nice was a collaboration with Barry W. Blaustein, writer of "Coming to America," "The Nutty Professor" and "Coming 2 America." Originally sold as a pitch.

LOGLINE: Katie and Jake are 15 and in love. They know they'll be together forever... But when their bus gets sucked up a tornado, they awaken to find themselves 35, married, with three kids and surprise! They hate each other ... When you're 15 and in love, you can survive anything -- except maybe the responsibility of being adults.


Peep World


Script doctored this independent dark comedy which debuted at the Toronto Film Festival. Directed by Barry W. Blaustein and starring Taraji P. Henson, Rainn Wilson and Sarah Silverman.

Magic 8 Ball

Co-wrote this original family comedy for director Tom Shaddyac ("Bruce Almighty," "Ace Ventura") and Universal Pictures. Magic 8 Ball was another collaboration with Barry W. Blaustein ("Coming to America," "The Nutty Professor," "Coming 2 America.") Originally sold as a pitch (at the In-N-Out Burger on Ventura). It is based on the classic Hasbro toy.

LOGLINE: The world's most indecisive man gets a Magic 8 Ball that actually works, and attempts to shake his way to a better life. 

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Ultimate X

Co-wrote and conceptualized this IMAX documentary about the X-Games for ESPN and Walt Disney Pictures. Directed by Bruce Hendricks, it features action sports legends Tony Hawk, Matt Hoffman and Travis Pastrana.

Assembly Required

Co-wrote this feature family script based on an original television pilot for Paramount Pictures.

LOGLINE: When a group of uninspired high school students get caught sneaking out of a boring science assembly, they are sentenced to take over the school's  assembly program and turn it into a success.


Ultimate Rush

Adapted the best-selling novel "The Ultimate Rush" by Joe Quirk into an action screenplay for Warner Bros. The film was developed with the producers of "Speed."

LOGLINE: When San Francisco rollerblade messenger Chet Griffin delivers a package he's accidentally opened, he and his bike messenger friends become the targets of a bunch of ruthless billionaires.

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