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Jason N. Hefter (me) is a writer and generally creative person. I have over 20-years-2-months’ professional experience in film, television, documentaries, animation, print, digital, script doctoring, grant writing and advertising. Before that, I moved furniture in NYC. My debut novel was published. I’ve been print’s least qualified advice columnist. I produce. I own a patent. Occasionally, I act. As a retired stand-up comedian and improvisational artist, I’m good in a room.  A few times a year, I work as a performance poet. But most of the time, I just write.


I love storytelling, and words, and using the latter to tell the former in completely unique ways. I think messaging (even subtle messaging) should be invasive. I strive to create work that sticks in the audience’s mind like those sharp things they use to tag sharks.


As an honors graduate of Duke University and the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, I bring an unorthodox perspective to every project. My goal is to find the heart of the story and filter it through my encyclopedic knowledge of film, television, cartoons, pop culture, commercial jingles and useful useless trivia. I pride myself on being a literary Swiss Army Knife, equally at home with comedy, drama, historical, family (I have lots of kids) and science fiction. I am an exceptional collaborator with diverse experience. I like kicking ideas around with others.


Whether it’s writing and producing original screenplays and television for Warner Bros., Disney, Sony, Universal, Paramount, ABC, Fox, Nickelodeon and MTV; or creative consulting for brands and new product launches across multi-media platforms; or writing ads and marketing materials on impossible deadlines; or even handling corporate correspondence and speeches for CEOs and titans of industry (why are titans always “of industry”? Email me, we can discuss this); I create things that are completely different. Often unexpected. Always worthy of conversation. 


Let’s talk. I bet we can create something great together.

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