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While I pride myself on creative versatility, comedy has always been my instinctive genre. Sometimes the shortest distance between innovation and understanding is a good laugh.

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Stand Up

I'm a retired stand-up comedian, but back in the day I was a regular at clubs like Caroline's, The LA Improv and Stand Up NY. I even opened for acts like Jim Gaffigan and Lewis Black. I still think like a performer, but with less flop sweat.


I worked for years as a traveling improv artist. Lots of rancid hotel rooms. Having trained with Chicago City Limits, the NYC branch of Second City, I found my love of collaboration and learned the value of always thinking on my, um, feet. 

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My dark-comedic debut novel was published  by NY imprint, Cerro Chato Publishing. The story -- six degenerates all getting one last chance at karmic redemption on a Wednesday -- was described by NYT Best Selling Author, Tonya Hurley, as "a literary quaalude..." Barry W. Blaustein, the author of Coming 2 America, called it "Hilarious, satirical and disturbing..." and Jill Katz, the Executive Producer of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, wrote: "Hump Day is so many things: crime caper, laugh-out-loud farce and a desperate cry for help by author, Jason Hefter." It has a 4.9 star rating on Amazon.

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Dr. Old School

I wrote a recurring advice column for college co-eds under the pseudonym, "Dr. Old School." I was, and continue to be, the least qualified advice columnist in the country.  Possibly the world. 

Performance Poetry

A few times each year, I am a performance poet, causing people in berets and black turtlenecks to snap in appreciation until they suffer carpal tunnel. I have been hired to write poems for birthdays, weddings, graduations, bar mitzvahs and corporate events. I am aware none of above rhymes.

Hump Day

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